ACELIXIR Are the  authorised suppliers and franchisee rights holders of all RFQMR equipment, supplied directly by the manufacturer.


Acelixir is a company focused on establishing franchise clinics worldwide, using RFQMR (Cytotron) technology. 


RFQMR technology is a new cutting edge solution for treatment of Osteoarthritic conditions and for ‘no side effects’ cancer treatments. Acelixir wish to introduce this revolutionary technology the world over in order to alleviate the suffering of thousands of people who may suffer from these conditions.  


The Acelixir™ concept is a new and innovative business model which uses this latest technology in various health treatment applications. The concept is designed so that clients can receive treatment the world over at any Acelixir authorized clinic. The quality of the treatment, costs, design and layout of the clinics will be standardized to allow maximum efficiency in operations.

Franchise opportunities are now available internationally. If you are interested please contact our team for more information at

Start up support including staff training and financing are available. For more information about this treatment click on the FAQ's button. 



Our Team


Acelixir has a team of experienced people with several decades of multi disciplinary experience.

We base our business on a thorough know how of our industry without compromising the financial feasibility. We ensure at all times that our clients have prompt and efficient after sales service as well as continuous training to get the full potential of our cutting edge technology.

Our main priority is satisfied franchise operators and their clients. This is a corner stone of long term success. All our equipment is obtained directly from the manufacturers and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our team is willing and able to provide not only training to efficiently use our equipment but to also improve the functionality of each franchise's business and continuously increase their profitability. As a member of the Acelixir franchise chain, you are never alone. Our know how and experience will always be at your disposal. For more information about international franchise opportunities please contact us at


For details on individual team members and our board of advisors please click here