Arthritis Cure

Cure for Osteo arthritis

Can also treat certain types of cancer

Knee Pain? Back Ache? Check whether Acelixir can cure you condition?


Why Acelixir?

  • We believe in helping people who are in pain and are suffering.

  • We believe this technology/product can do just that.



What is this technology?

  • ACELIXIR is a cell elixir

  • A proven cure for osteoarthritis, arthritis, and certain back aches, knee or joint pains.

  • Helps regrow cartillage/tissue naturally, in arthritic joints

  • The treatment uses radio waves to help your body regrow tissue.

  • The treatment is harmless, painless, and free from any side effects whatsoever.

  • Treatments are for one hour daily, over 21-28 days.

  • The machine which makes this possible looks like an MRI machine.

  • The treatment process is simple, the patient simply lies on a bed which is pushed into the machine, where the radio waves are focussed onto the problem area.

  • The patient feels no pain or any adverse effects whatsover from this treatment.

  • The common name for this treatment is RFQMR or Cytotron.

  • The treatment can also be used as a "no side effects" cancer tumour treatment.

  • Initial studies have shown this treatment can be effective against certain types of cancer tumours.

  • If you are suffering from any of these conditions then we can help you. Write to us or call us for more information about how and where you can avail this treatment 


What is this treatment used for?


  • Cartillage regeneration/regrowth in Osteo arthritis.

  • As an alternate to knee surgery

  • For no side effects cancer tumour treatment.

  • To treat spinal degenrative diseases.

About this treatment!


  • Completely safe, zero side effects.

  • Non invasive, no surgical procedures required.

  • These rays are non-ionizing and non-thermal, therefore no impact on surronding cells and tissue.

  • Clincial trials indicate an extremely high success rate in treating osteo arthritis.

  • Affordable.

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“I used to experience severe pain in both knees intermittently before the treatment. Additionally, climbing stairs was a very painful and I was on daily painkillers for over a year. I was advised of knee replacement for both the legs. I had undergone all kinds of treatments without any improvement in my condition. I was not interested in surgery and considered QMRT treatment. I was amazed by the results of the QMRT treatment. My knee pain completely disappeared and even the pain is flexion and extension positions have disappeared.”


Female 64, Bangalore


“I just had this treatment done in Kosovo for arthritis of my spine, neck & shoulders, 2 knees, tennis elbow, hands and wrists, and i am very much pleased with the treatment. I am virtually pain-free and ready to hit some tennis balls again after a 4 year hiatus.”


Male, Kosovo



“I had severe pain in my knees and my walk was distorted. I could not even walk to the park nearby my building and I became so pessimistic & feared knee replacement.Thanks to the QMRT treatment now I walk confidently and I am free from pain.”


Female 59, India